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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of truck can be fitted with an On-Trux System? Our systems are designed to work with most current model trucks, generally in classes 3 through 8.

  2. What should I consider when buying my cab and chassis? The On-Trux system works best when installed on a chassis with specific wheelbase and cab to axle dimensions. Engine/transmission combinations, exhaust and fuel tank location should also be carefully considered. When selecting your chassis, consult with your On-Trux Distributor to discuss what configurations will best suit your needs.

  3. Can I transfer the On-Trux Roll-Off System to another vehicle in the future? Yes . The system is fully transferable. Some components may need to be changed if the truck make or model is different.

  4. Can I use any deck on my system? When we designed the On-Trux Roll-Off System, optimum flexibility, ease of use, and maximum vehicle utilization were paramount. All our decks are built on a common frame. So, whether you have one truck and 5 decks, or 3 trucks and 20 decks, all are fully interchangeable.

  5. What level of driver's licensing is needed?  Please consult with the provincial or state authority where you operate.

  6. What is the weight of the On-Trux Roll-Off System ? The standard system weighs approximately 1350-1450 lbs.

  7. Can I haul a trailer with the system installed? Yes , if you need to trailer, our adjustable frame length allows you to do so. The hitch can be installed with your system. The On-Trux Roll-Off System can eliminate the need for trailers in some cases.

  8. Can I control the roll-off system remotely from the truck cab? Yes . The main hydraulic valve controls are mounted to the frame, on the driver's side for easy access. Secondary controls can be mounted inside most cabs as well as wired and wireless controls.

  9. How many deck applications can be used with the On-Trux Roll-Off System? Tell us what you need. To date, we have conceived over 45 different configurations. Starting with our standard frames, we'll work together to modify or design a deck that's right for you.




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