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Equipment Haulers­

Equipment Hauler

Side skirting provides great advertising space

Equipment Hauler     Equipment Hauler

Patent Pending body-to-chassis mounting design positions the pivoting centerline forward

of the rear axle and “crouches” the body down over the wheels. The result is a low

10 degree angle of approach and rock solid stability during loading.

Equipment Hauler

Simple push button remote control of deck, tailgate and winch

Equipment Hauler

41 inch deck height keeps loads low for bridge clearance and low center of gravity

Equipment Hauler   Equipment Hauler

Pre-Stressed Ruggedness

Look at the deck -- you’ll notice that it has 6 shallow bends running across it.

That’s on purpose! Jones pre-stressed decking utilizes rolled plating over a vertical

support substructure which is amazingly strong for its weight. Pre-stressing the top

plate produces a rugged fabrication.

* Approximate useable load length between headboard and tailgate. Overall length on chassis is 24 ft, 10.5 inches.

** Load capacity will vary with chassis weight. Verify total GVWR before loading equipment.

*** 255/70R 22.5 H Ply Tires - 22.5 X 8.25 Rims on Class 6 Units

275/70R 22.5-H Ply Tires - 22.5 X 8.25 Rims on Class 7 Units

245/70R 19.5-G Ply Tires 19.5 X7.50 Rims Available for Lo-Profile Class 6 Chassis




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