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Roll-Off Decks and Bodies

Decks & Bodies Available for all of our Roll-Off & Hook-Lift Systems 

Transferable Truck Decks, Bodies, Portable Office and Storage Units

Endlessly expandable and easily transferable, rugged On-Trux components provide years of productivity, reliability and economy.

Components can be dropped at the job site, eliminating the constant transfer of tools or materials, while freeing up the truck for other duties. And the ground-level access of off-loaded components means easier, safer, and more efficient loading, unloading and entry. Purchase or lease individual components from our extensive line of available decks and bodies.


 Landscape Deck
         Landscape Decks


Salter Deck
       Salter / Sander Units   


 Welding Deck
        Welding Decks
           Custom Roofers
 Aluminum Chipper Body
              Chipper Bodies
 Tanker Deck

 Portable Office Building

        Portable Offices 

         Dump Boxes / Bins


 Cube Body
                Van Bodies

 Portable Solar Washroom
 Fibreglass Storage Unit
        Storage Units





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